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Kathryn Cesarz | Theatre Artist  | Theater Performer  | Physical Theatre

I am a playwright, director and performer developing new works of theatre.

As a kid I was doing classical piano, ballet, and the visual arts, but I found a passion for theatre as a high schooler at Pius XI High School in Milwaukee, WI. I went on to study theatre the traditional American way: acting, directing, playwriting and dramaturgy from Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Tennessee Williams, to Tina Howe and Sarah Ruhl.


In an internship at St. Croix Festival Theatre I discovered the power of theatre to bring community together.  Then as an ensemble member at Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre I delved deep into theatre as a visual and physical form, and the collaborative ensemble-generation of new works.

I have devised and written solo shows, duo shows, and bigger affairs. I've been the playwright, the producer, the actor-creator, co-deviser, director, and performer. I've made theatre in Milwaukee, NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, NorCal, Scotland, England, Bali, and Mexico, on street corners, in 400-seat theatres, and in the B-yard gym at Pelican Bay State Prison. I have a B.S. from the University of Evansville and an M.F.A. from Dell'Arte International. I enjoy dark chocolate and chamomile tea, and the animal I'm told I most resemble is an ostrich.

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